Escaping the Past

Vortex of Awesome

Spoiler alert!

I recently watched the new 11-22-1963 miniseries on Hulu. It was done really well. I will try not to give too much detail so I won’t completely ruin the story. It is set in today’s time and there is this mysterious portal to the past that is discovered by a friend of the main character. He uses the portal to go back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination. Well, here’s the spoiler….he stops Lee Harvey Oswald and saves Kennedy but when he comes back to 2016 he arrives in a world of chaos. Again, I don’t want to give too much detail but saving Kennedy screws up EVERYTHING.

This got me thinking about my past. I starting replaying all the screwed up decisions I’ve made over the years and all the mistakes I have made. We’ve all thought, “if only I could go back in time and…

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Just Do the Math

The Spirit of Fitness

Get ready! I am about to revolutionize your view on dieting! It is very complex so you will need to write this down.

Go ahead and grab a pencil….

I’m waiting…


Ok, here we go…

1. Eat calories

2. Burn calories

3. Subtract Burned Calories from Eaten Calories.

4. If it is a positive number you have gained weight. If it is a negative you have lost weight.

Whew! That was complex!

That is it. That is in totality all there is to dieting. It is simple math.

Each pound of fat consists of 3500 calories. How do I know this? Thats what the science nerds have told us. So if you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in.

If you eat 2000 calories a day and burn 2500 calories during the day you will have a deficit or negative calorie…

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(The Rest of the) Rest of the Story

The Spirit of Something

This is in fact POSITIVE THINKING and WHY DO I BLOG Parts Three – Sixty One.

Fair warning, this is a long one; it rambles.  But if I post nothing else, this is the one what must be published.  For it is the true reason I’m here at all.

To summarize all other content previously presented, I’m on a passionate search for truth and understanding; about myself, my human spirit, and my universe.

Which began on my 61st birthday when I suddenly realized that I had no concrete answers to what I call THE BIG 6 questions about me and my life – who, what, when, where, why and how.

I firmly believe that every person from the first sentient human being is defined by this search.  That all of history; cultures/societies; thought/belief systems; religions; -ologies and -isms; literature/arts/music; sciences/disciplines/fields of study; governments/politics; sports/physical activities; etc. have been created, pursued…

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Why Do I Blog – Part Two

The Spirit of Something

My children are my greatest inspiration.  They never cease to amaze me.  This mom’s heart is filled with wonder ~ awe, admiration, fascination, surprise, astonishment, stupefaction.  I marvel at their unique, shining spirits.  Flabbergasted by their infinite talent, thirst for knowledge, self-expression endeavors.

I’ve always felt this way about them; from the moment of conception, in the womb, throughout their childhoods, adolescence, the terrific teens.  But, ah, the joy of communicating with my adult sons.  And the wonders of technology allowing us to stay close even when far apart.  We’ve done the Facebook thing; on-line gaming; texting; phone chats; Instagram.  And now podcasts and blogging.  (I’d know nothing of these if Jason and Justin had not done them first, invited me to join them.)

Blogging is by far my favorite.  It takes time and effort to put true thoughts into meaningful words.

Today I was filled anew with wonderment when…

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