It’s Not Enough!

Vortex of Awesome

Have you ever come up short? The bills come in and you don’t have enough to pay them? You have a quota to meet at work for sales and you just can’t get seem to get there? You have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight and you can’t break through that certain barrier?

Well, the problem is not with what you’ve got. The problem is not that you don’t have enough. The problem is you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

When you hit a 10 foot wall and all you have is shovel you usually start digging, right? Well unfortunately this time you have run into a wall that has a concrete floor under it and you can’t dig your way out of this one. What do you do? Try digging anyways? All you’re going to do is…

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I’m Done

Okay, I’ve had enough! I’m done tolerating. I’m done caring about whether I offend someone. I’m being offended by you in order not to offend you. I’ve decided to be myself and not worry about who gets offended. Basically I don’t give a rat’s ass about your feelings. If you’re so immature, timid, and self-centered that you can’t handle controversy then either grow a skin or go away and hide because you don’t have a right not to be offended. I’m offended by your very existence.

If you say “I feel” rather than “I think”, if you need “Safe Zones”, if you believe what you’ve been told or heard without verifying it, if you cannot accept criticism, if you cannot defend your beliefs with facts and rational thought, if you cannot debate your beliefs without personal attacks…. then we have nothing to discuss.

If you believe gender is fluid, that there is no difference between men and women, that there is no difference between the races, that “White Privilege” exists, that America is a racist country, that there are degrees of “right and wrong”, that all “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” is man caused, …. then you’re too gullible to carry on a conversation with.

Ah hell, I guess I’m done with this for today. I got interrupted and lost my train of thought. To bad because I had some really crafty lists to continue with. So you “Snow Flakes”, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, gun control advocates, Professional Athletes and Hollywood Stars (who’ve benefitted from capitalism without ever accomplishing anything worthwhile)  and other pitiful folks keep throwing your temper tantrums and behaving like you’re 2 years old. Its better entertainment than anything Hollywood is producing these days. Keep drinking that Progressive KoolAid and never ever research the history of the Progressive Movement. That just might let you in on how you are being used…..Nah, understanding that takes intelligence. Never fear I’ll be back from time to time to poke my finger in your eye as you continue to destroy the culture of the U.S. The Last Great Place on earth.

If you are offended and screaming at your screen….I have accomplished my goal.



The Spirit of Fitness

Whenever I think of “Fitness” I think of the jokes like, “Fitness? You mean fitting dis whole donut in my mouth?” That is the extent of most people’s fitness knowledge today. It’s a joke. Something everyone knows they need to try harder at but think it is impossible to achieve with their busy lives.

Why is that? Why is it so freaking hard to be fit in today’s society? Is it because we have seditary jobs that require us to sit on our ever growing cabooses (or is it caboosi) all day long? Is it because the foods readily available are full of crap? Is it because our lives are so full that most of what we eat is on the go fast processed foods and we don’t have time to exercise?

All of these are good excuses and there are plenty more that we could list off but they…

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Live Dangerously!

The Struggle is Real…(or at least it should be?)

All varieties of suffering and disappointment are to be welcomed by anyone seeking happiness. Failure and suffering should be greeted as tough challenges to be overcome, in the same way that a climber accepts the on-coming trials of the mountain or rock they are attempting to ascend.

Not necessarily my thoughts, but generally reflective of the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

“To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities—I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not—that one endures.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power

It really is no wonder that Friedrich Nietzsche is often viewed as a…

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The Spirit of Positive Thinking – Part One

The Spirit of Something

RestartDo you remember this classic children’s story with its easy-to-grasp moral?  In the tale, a stranded train must be pulled over a high mountain.  Only the little blue engine is willing to try when other engines refused to face the difficult terrain.

This is how my mother read the story to me:

“I think I can,”   puffed the little locomotive, and put herself in front of the great heavy train.  As she went on, the little engine kept courageously puffing faster and faster, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  As she neared the top of the grade, which had so discouraged the larger engines, she went more slowly.  However, she still kept saying, “I – think – I – can, I THINK I Can, I – THINK – I – CAN!”  She reached the top by drawing on bravery and then went…

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