Sci-fi Horror or Reality?

We don’t usually post other people’s material but this is pretty cool/scary stuff. Just think about all the data the algorithms from Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. are gathering on us with every click of the keyboard or mouse. What if the government’s weaponized that data? At first it would be great. Wipe out all the terrorists. Take out dictators. Spy on our enemies. Spy on our Allies. Then the wrong ideologue gets in power and everyone that disagrees is a target. Dissention equals death.

Whatever. Never could happen….or could it?


Meeting Deanna

One of the great things about the Interwebs is all the interesting people you meet. Meet Deanna. She is an awesome, interesting Minnesotan that has opinions on and about everything. She has her own group on the Facebooks that caught my interest

Pull up a chair, Take your shoes off and grab a cold one ‘cuz this chick is going to knock your socks off. We hope to have her as a regular part of the show.

Artwork by: Ina Jade DeNio

Inside the III% Security Force

I (Jason) had the opportunity to listen in on the private Intel comms for the III% Security Force. You will hear the movements stance on race, religion and sexual orientation as well as views on the 2nd Amendment. There is also some revealing Intel on the Antifa and the alleged threat to opposing groups like the III%.