(The Rest of the) Rest of the Story

The Spirit of Something

This is in fact POSITIVE THINKING and WHY DO I BLOG Parts Three – Sixty One.

Fair warning, this is a long one; it rambles.  But if I post nothing else, this is the one what must be published.  For it is the true reason I’m here at all.

To summarize all other content previously presented, I’m on a passionate search for truth and understanding; about myself, my human spirit, and my universe.

Which began on my 61st birthday when I suddenly realized that I had no concrete answers to what I call THE BIG 6 questions about me and my life – who, what, when, where, why and how.

I firmly believe that every person from the first sentient human being is defined by this search.  That all of history; cultures/societies; thought/belief systems; religions; -ologies and -isms; literature/arts/music; sciences/disciplines/fields of study; governments/politics; sports/physical activities; etc. have been created, pursued…

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Why Do I Blog – Part Two

The Spirit of Something

My children are my greatest inspiration.  They never cease to amaze me.  This mom’s heart is filled with wonder ~ awe, admiration, fascination, surprise, astonishment, stupefaction.  I marvel at their unique, shining spirits.  Flabbergasted by their infinite talent, thirst for knowledge, self-expression endeavors.

I’ve always felt this way about them; from the moment of conception, in the womb, throughout their childhoods, adolescence, the terrific teens.  But, ah, the joy of communicating with my adult sons.  And the wonders of technology allowing us to stay close even when far apart.  We’ve done the Facebook thing; on-line gaming; texting; phone chats; Instagram.  And now podcasts and blogging.  (I’d know nothing of these if Jason and Justin had not done them first, invited me to join them.)

Blogging is by far my favorite.  It takes time and effort to put true thoughts into meaningful words.

Today I was filled anew with wonderment when…

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Why Do I Blog? Part One

The Spirit of Something

Discovering truth is like peeling infinite layers of an onion.  Such is my metamorphic journey from blogging ignorance and indifference to obsessive blog enthusiast.

From the beginning ~ the creation of this blog site; the numerous design and layout start overs with various themes; reading many articles about blog etiquette and technique; participating in the Daily Prompt challenges and reading posts from experienced bloggers; deciding on site description, content, categories and tags ~ I’ve been trying to explain the truth of “why am I doing this?” to myself.

What is my motivation; driving force?  Who is my potential audience?  What, and to whom, am I trying to communicate?

The answers are clear.  My sons sparked my blogging interest with their own podcast and blog sites.  My extreme delight in hearing and reading their thoughts, feelings, opinions, interests, motivations, and humor;  their own connection based on a concrete foundation of brotherhood…

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Live Dangerously!

The Struggle is Real…(or at least it should be?)

All varieties of suffering and disappointment are to be welcomed by anyone seeking happiness. Failure and suffering should be greeted as tough challenges to be overcome, in the same way that a climber accepts the on-coming trials of the mountain or rock they are attempting to ascend.

Not necessarily my thoughts, but generally reflective of the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

“To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities—I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not—that one endures.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power

It really is no wonder that Friedrich Nietzsche is often viewed as a…

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The Spirit of Positive Thinking – Part One

The Spirit of Something

RestartDo you remember this classic children’s story with its easy-to-grasp moral?  In the tale, a stranded train must be pulled over a high mountain.  Only the little blue engine is willing to try when other engines refused to face the difficult terrain.

This is how my mother read the story to me:

“I think I can,”   puffed the little locomotive, and put herself in front of the great heavy train.  As she went on, the little engine kept courageously puffing faster and faster, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”  As she neared the top of the grade, which had so discouraged the larger engines, she went more slowly.  However, she still kept saying, “I – think – I – can, I THINK I Can, I – THINK – I – CAN!”  She reached the top by drawing on bravery and then went…

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The Spirit of Something – defined, introduction, and invitation

What IS Spirit? Well let’s find out shall we…


The Spirit of Something

SPIRIT DEFINED: the vital principle of all conscious life; the core human essence, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

Jason’s Defintion

Spirit: The embodiment of all of one’s experiences throughout life culminating to form an unstoppable force that has the power to change reality itself.


Do you desire to loose weight and feel better? To boost your immune system and not be sick as often? Do you desire to not be depressed or have such high anxiety? Then I challenge you right now to get up and move. I battle depression every day and I have since childhood. Yes medication helps but I have control of more than that. I choose and you can choose too, to eat healthy foods and exercise everyday!! It only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day of good heart pounding movement to render fantastic results quickly. No you don’t need a gym. While they are good to have it’s not necessary. Dancing, jogging, walking speed walking, swimming are just a few examples of things you can participate in to get your body moving. I challenge you right this second to get up and move!! Live fully. Live well. Heck crank up some of your favorite music and just dance!!