Just Do the Math

The Spirit of Fitness

Get ready! I am about to revolutionize your view on dieting! It is very complex so you will need to write this down.

Go ahead and grab a pencil….

I’m waiting…


Ok, here we go…

1. Eat calories

2. Burn calories

3. Subtract Burned Calories from Eaten Calories.

4. If it is a positive number you have gained weight. If it is a negative you have lost weight.

Whew! That was complex!

That is it. That is in totality all there is to dieting. It is simple math.

Each pound of fat consists of 3500 calories. How do I know this? Thats what the science nerds have told us. So if you want to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in.

If you eat 2000 calories a day and burn 2500 calories during the day you will have a deficit or negative calorie…

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Confusion: from the verb confundere ‘mingle together’

The Spirit of Fitness

Confusion can be extremely frustrating and taxing. I remember sitting in a math class when the teacher told us that any number to the zero power equals 1. Huh? Why? Who came up with this BS? I spent weeks trying to wrap my head around such an abstract concept and it drove me up the wall. I still to this day don’t understand why or how that rule works in mathematics but you know what I do know, Math.math_exp_zer_rule1360274494474
That confusion over one rule of mathematics sparked my brain into action and caused me to focus and learn. It created interest and put stress on my mind so that it had no choice but to grow and learn new things about math. I can now, thanks to my confused mind, compute complex real life equations in my head with a great deal of accuracy. If it were not for some…

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Fitness Defined

The Spirit of Fitness

Are you fit?  Do you want to be fit?  What are your fitness goals and dreams?

How do you define fitness?  I wonder…….

Source: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com

The condition of being physically fit and healthy. 


health, strength, robustness, sturdiness, hardiness, vigour, athleticism, toughness, ruggedness, physical fitness, muscularity, tone, good health, good condition, good shape, well-being, state of health, condition,  trim



The quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task.


suitability, capability, competence, competency, proficiency, ability, aptitude

readiness, preparedness, qualification, eligibility, worthiness, appropriateness, adequacy


unfitness, unsuitability


Ripped – Having well-defined or well-developed muscles

Lean  – Thin, especially healthily so; having no superfluous fat

Beautiful – An ideal of physical beauty

Handsome – Good-looking

Oh yes, there are many definitions; we know that to pursue fitness, the only thing that matters is what it means to YOU.

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The Spirit of Fitness

Whenever I think of “Fitness” I think of the jokes like, “Fitness? You mean fitting dis whole donut in my mouth?” That is the extent of most people’s fitness knowledge today. It’s a joke. Something everyone knows they need to try harder at but think it is impossible to achieve with their busy lives.

Why is that? Why is it so freaking hard to be fit in today’s society? Is it because we have seditary jobs that require us to sit on our ever growing cabooses (or is it caboosi) all day long? Is it because the foods readily available are full of crap? Is it because our lives are so full that most of what we eat is on the go fast processed foods and we don’t have time to exercise?

All of these are good excuses and there are plenty more that we could list off but they…

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