Escaping the Past

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Spoiler alert!

I recently watched the new 11-22-1963 miniseries on Hulu. It was done really well. I will try not to give too much detail so I won’t completely ruin the story. It is set in today’s time and there is this mysterious portal to the past that is discovered by a friend of the main character. He uses the portal to go back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination. Well, here’s the spoiler….he stops Lee Harvey Oswald and saves Kennedy but when he comes back to 2016 he arrives in a world of chaos. Again, I don’t want to give too much detail but saving Kennedy screws up EVERYTHING.

This got me thinking about my past. I starting replaying all the screwed up decisions I’ve made over the years and all the mistakes I have made. We’ve all thought, “if only I could go back in time and…

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Guess Who’s Back

Guess who’s back

back again

Justin’s back

tell a friend

Alright. Little brother called me up and wanted to talk, just jump back into the game and lo and behold he came up the answer. The solution to the question everyone has their mind on for the past couple weeks. How to stop these school shootings