Do you desire to loose weight and feel better? To boost your immune system and not be sick as often? Do you desire to not be depressed or have such high anxiety? Then I challenge you right now to get up and move. I battle depression every day and I have since childhood. Yes medication helps but I have control of more than that. I choose and you can choose too, to eat healthy foods and exercise everyday!! It only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day of good heart pounding movement to render fantastic results quickly. No you don’t need a gym. While they are good to have it’s not necessary. Dancing, jogging, walking speed walking, swimming are just a few examples of things you can participate in to get your body moving. I challenge you right this second to get up and move!! Live fully. Live well. Heck crank up some of your favorite music and just dance!!


Ah motherhood…. a most beautiful and challenging thing. And so many of us do it all alone! I just want to say if you know a single mom, try to help out please! Noone can truly know what goes on except other single moms. I myself am a single mom and let me tell you it’s a fight to survive this cold world. We desperately need good people to help us, to be a support system. Many of us do not have any support at all!!We were never meant to be single parents. It’s crazy to me how the very fabric of a family has been shredded and we the people let it happen. Father, mother and children are sacred!! It’s abhorrent to me and Biblically a travesty what we see happening to the family unit today. Just look around you. There are single dad’s too. So I’m giving a shout out to all single parents. I love you and God loves you and you keep on keeping on!! Yes, I’m very upset.