Yo, man… We gotta freshen this thing up. Like… It’s been a year, and what… Nothin? Nothin at all? What happened to those reposts I was gonna do, huh? What happened to the conversations? What happened to the music, man? Shiii-

These are the pages that came before. It’s all old hat, but maybe you’ll get a kick out of seeing the random paths we wandered down. Have at ’em. It’ll be a nice time capsule for 2040, or something.

(Warning: Some of these links lead to old podcast posts. I left them here just so you can get a sense of what we were up to, but those podcast episodes are now lost to the ether.)

The Spirit of Something

The Price Brothers


From the Shade

The Sum of Something

The Spirit of Fitness

Feeling Fluffy

The Heart of Something

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