Thoughts – May 20ish


I’ve already given you some notes about how to improve the recordings going forward, but I have a confession: some of the audio issues are my fault. I uploaded then without trying to make them as listenable as possible, and while your message is awesome, it has come to my attention that the volume is a bit low. A little too much background buzz.

Now, of course this has some to do with the microphone, but I think I can get it tweaked so we don’t have to buy any equipment or alter your schedule. I’ll work on it.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed that I’m playing with uploading stuff on YouTube as well. I think, moving forward, this will be a much better way to roll out the episodes. People seem to be more comfortable watching/listening to a video than they are hitting the play button on some random website.

That’s it for now. I have my to-do list. Yours is to keep thinking and keep talking.

Be awesome, brosef.


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