The Hofflebrock’s Guide To Blogging With Purpose

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening

Whenever you are.

I knew calling Jason out about this blogging thing would work. I knew it would get him going. That’s the kinda dude he is, ya know? You say something like, “Yo, man…” and he’s all like, “I know, man…” and then, before you know it, things are hap’nin’.

Trouble is, you gotta keep up with that fool. So, alright. Here’s a post. A blog post about blogging because that’s what so many bloggers do.

I was talkin’ to the Nogginator yesterday, discussing the purpose of this blog. He said that he was glad to have some parameters (ie no politics), but that left things pretty wide freakin’ open. It’s true. There are plenty of paths down which we could wander. We could talk about the best ways to teach gophers algebra. We could talk about how many universes exist in a grain of sand on a beach in the Gulf of Mexico (12. There are 12 in each grain of sand). Or, ya know, we could talk about the stuff we always end up talking about, and for Jason, that’s Fitness.

I knew it would be. He’s all about that life.

He’ll also talk about family. He’ll talk about what it means to be human. He’ll speculate on the nature of reality. He’ll tell you all about the cool/inspiring/sometimes frightening stuff he’s read or heard on the radio. He’ll tell stories about the people he’s met and how he can relate (or how he cannot possibly fathom that point of view). He’ll talk and he’ll talk and he’ll talk, if you give him an audience. He get’s that from our dad.

Me? I dunno. I’m a listener. I’m a question-asker. I’m a nonconformist devil’s advocate type. My role here will most likely be to listen to what he has to say and pester him with questions. My goal is to run us down as many blind alleys as I can find, get us all turned around, and see if we can find our way out again.

Or maybe I’ll think of something I’m passionate about. Maybe I’ll be inspired to get off my lazy butt and follow his advice. Maybe I’ll get on my stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and start whittling down on the junk food I consume. Maybe I’ll finally listen to my big brother and do the stuff I don’t wanna do. Wouldn’t that be something?

For now, the purpose of the blog is to find a purpose for the blog. Let’s leave it at that. “It’s the Sum of…. Something. I dunno, man. We’ll figure it out as we go.” That’s how I named the site. That’s how I think. That’s what we’ll stick to for now.


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