The Sum of Politics

EDIT MAY 13, 2019 —

Hey. It’s Justin. I’m editing this in order to provide some clarity on content, and this post is getting a weird amount of traction considering it’s so old and unrelated to what we’re doing at the moment.

The Blogitics thing was a cool idea. For about a week. I reblogged the first post that popped up whenever I had the time to search “politics” in the handy reader search bar. We got a wide variety of weird things to read for a minute or two, but that’s all done with now. I still like the word blogitics. I’ll probably use that hashtag in the future, but it’ll most likely be because I’m making fun of someone or something silly I see in the media.

Anyhoozle… Feel free to see what we were up to last year. If you want a complete list of all the old shiz, click this.


The Sum of Politics (2018ish)

If you haven’t noticed, we’re spinning out of our lanes here at the Sum of Something. Life keeps throwing us curve balls, projects keep popping up that have little to do with our podcast/blog, and, well, we can only focus so much attention on the giant snowball of bullshit that is politics before we succumb to the inevitable existential crisis that comes with caring too much about everything and everyone all at once.

So, we’re taking a break. We’re taking it slow, anyway. We’re still here. We’re still pissed off. We’re still talking to each other. But… Well…

Here, I tell you what, I’m going to make a commitment, and we’re gonna see if I can follow through, and if so, for how long. I recently realized how large and eclectic this WordPress community is. I, just a moment ago, typed ‘politics’ into the search bar, and holy smokes is there a lot to read. But where to start?

Start right here.

I’m creating a new category called “Blogitics”- I’m going to repost the first article/post that pops up. We’re gonna let other people do the work for us for a little while.

I’m betting it won’t be long before we end up interjecting our opinions, cause it’s gonna be random, and we’re going to see some shit that we just really don’t agree with.

And that’s what life’s all about, am I right?

Stay tuned, y’all.


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