Why Do I Blog – Part Two

The Spirit of Something

My children are my greatest inspiration.  They never cease to amaze me.  This mom’s heart is filled with wonder ~ awe, admiration, fascination, surprise, astonishment, stupefaction.  I marvel at their unique, shining spirits.  Flabbergasted by their infinite talent, thirst for knowledge, self-expression endeavors.

I’ve always felt this way about them; from the moment of conception, in the womb, throughout their childhoods, adolescence, the terrific teens.  But, ah, the joy of communicating with my adult sons.  And the wonders of technology allowing us to stay close even when far apart.  We’ve done the Facebook thing; on-line gaming; texting; phone chats; Instagram.  And now podcasts and blogging.  (I’d know nothing of these if Jason and Justin had not done them first, invited me to join them.)

Blogging is by far my favorite.  It takes time and effort to put true thoughts into meaningful words.

Today I was filled anew with wonderment when…

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