(The Rest of the) Rest of the Story

The Spirit of Something

This is in fact POSITIVE THINKING and WHY DO I BLOG Parts Three – Sixty One.

Fair warning, this is a long one; it rambles.  But if I post nothing else, this is the one what must be published.  For it is the true reason I’m here at all.

To summarize all other content previously presented, I’m on a passionate search for truth and understanding; about myself, my human spirit, and my universe.

Which began on my 61st birthday when I suddenly realized that I had no concrete answers to what I call THE BIG 6 questions about me and my life – who, what, when, where, why and how.

I firmly believe that every person from the first sentient human being is defined by this search.  That all of history; cultures/societies; thought/belief systems; religions; -ologies and -isms; literature/arts/music; sciences/disciplines/fields of study; governments/politics; sports/physical activities; etc. have been created, pursued…

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