Why Do I Blog? Part One

The Spirit of Something

Discovering truth is like peeling infinite layers of an onion.  Such is my metamorphic journey from blogging ignorance and indifference to obsessive blog enthusiast.

From the beginning ~ the creation of this blog site; the numerous design and layout start overs with various themes; reading many articles about blog etiquette and technique; participating in the Daily Prompt challenges and reading posts from experienced bloggers; deciding on site description, content, categories and tags ~ I’ve been trying to explain the truth of “why am I doing this?” to myself.

What is my motivation; driving force?  Who is my potential audience?  What, and to whom, am I trying to communicate?

The answers are clear.  My sons sparked my blogging interest with their own podcast and blog sites.  My extreme delight in hearing and reading their thoughts, feelings, opinions, interests, motivations, and humor;  their own connection based on a concrete foundation of brotherhood…

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