Ah motherhood…. a most beautiful and challenging thing. And so many of us do it all alone! I just want to say if you know a single mom, try to help out please! Noone can truly know what goes on except other single moms. I myself am a single mom and let me tell you it’s a fight to survive this cold world. We desperately need good people to help us, to be a support system. Many of us do not have any support at all!!We were never meant to be single parents. It’s crazy to me how the very fabric of a family has been shredded and we the people let it happen. Father, mother and children are sacred!! It’s abhorrent to me and Biblically a travesty what we see happening to the family unit today. Just look around you. There are single dad’s too. So I’m giving a shout out to all single parents. I love you and God loves you and you keep on keeping on!! Yes, I’m very upset.

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