It’s All About the Money

This started out to be about the correlation between childish temper tantrums, the lack of disciplinary action, learned behavior and mobs protesting in the streets to silence the majority and get what they want. Before I could form it into cohesive thought it morphed into the motivation of the enablers. The recent abandonment of the “Dreamers” for Chain Migration by the congressional Democrats serves as a prime example. For years we have been inundated by the Left about these poor children who were brought here by no fault of their own and have grown up here living daily with the threat of deportation stealing their American Dream.

As President Obama issued an illegal Executive Order granting them temporary amnesty and allowing them further access to our tax dollars. In case no one else noticed this action led to a massive increase of hundreds of thousands of “Unaccompanied Minors” crossing the border. We would see an occasional news report about all these poor children taken into the immigration system while “homes” were found for them. They were never any stories about them being sent back home or deported. You just can’t do that to children. So what, were they allowed to chain migrate their parents here to take care of them and granted temporary asylum? I think it is important here to point out that anyone under the age of 18 is a child. Many of these “Children” were teenagers and members of gangs. None if any spoke English and most disappeared into society. See I’ve done wandered off subject….time to get back to why we’re here.

It took President Trump to call the Democrat’s bluff. He offered them exactly what they were asking for. He even one upped them by doubling the number of amnesties he is willing to give. All he asked for in return was an end to or limit on “Chain Migration” and a halt to illegal immigration. All of a sudden the Dem.s are abandoning the Dreamer’s. Now why do you suppose that is? Could it be it was never about the Dreamers in the first place.

The answer is actually very simple. The end to chain migration puts a limit on the number of total immigrants that these Dreamers can bring here and an end to illegal immigration stops the influx of low wage workers which in turn limits the ability of the Democrats to increase their voting base and limits their ability to deliver low wage workers to their financial contributors not allowing them to keep blue collar wages low. The contributors angle is also why so many RINOs are on board with the Democrats on this issue. Despite 70% of the population being in favor of limited immigration and a tightly controlled border the money is behind open borders and cheap labor. On what other issue do you see George Sorros and the Koch brothers allied. It’s all about the money and Money is Power! The Dreamers are nothing more than a tool to be used to persued the public.
From The Shade

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